Eight Star Martial Arts and
Red Dragon Karate School

School Rules

  • Proper hygiene is a requirement. Your uniform and gear should be clean and in proper order.
  • Your belt is part of your uniform, if it is forgotten you will be asked to stand in the back row.
  • Use the bathroom facilities before class. Bathroom breaks disrupt class flow and progress.
  • Prior to class you should be working on your form, stretching or preparing for class if you arrive early.
  • Set the example: be respectful and others will be respectful back.
  • Follow the student creed inside and outside the school.
  • Do not leave the training floor without permission.
  • Please, remove shoes prior to walking on the training floor. Sneakers which have never been worn outside are permitted for training.
  • All jewelry must be removed prior to class.
  • During the summer months, Eight Star Martial Arts/Red Dragon Karate School T-shirts are permitted; if you do not have a school T-Shirt you must wear your black uniform top or a PLAIN black or red T-shirt.
  • In all classes, we line up by rank.
  • Belt tests are held in a class at Sensei’s discretion. To test, you must have all six stripes completed. Stripe tests are held at the end of classes at Sensei’s discretion.
  • You may train with weapons after achieving the rank of Orange Belt and in the presence of Sensei or a higher ranking student.
  • Advanced students (Orange Belt and higher) must purchase their own sparring gear i.e. gloves, boots, headgear, mouth guard, protective cup (males).
  • Advanced students may wear other uniform choices in any combination of red and black.
  • Equipment orders are placed once a month. Order forms are available from Sensei.
  • Students who arrive late for class should stand at the door with hand raised until the instructor gives permission to join class.
  • Raise hand to ask questions in class.
  • We encourage all students to participate in special events such as tournaments, seminars and trainings.