Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts training is individual and social. From our youngest learners to our Black Belts, our dedicated instructors are here to help you and your family achieve your individual or shared goals. Whether that be self-confidence, self-defense, personal development, fitness, flexibility, or to earn a Black Belt – our school will take you there.

Karate is a great discipline for building children’s self-esteem…

Our belt system is one key to building confidence. When kids understand what to do to earn their next rank, they are able to set reasonable goals, giving them a great sense of ownership and accomplishment. We stress, however, more internal aspects of martial arts. We enforce our rules and monitor behavior in class, and we expect the same good behavior at home and in school. While providing a positive outlet for kids to channel some of their excess energy, our program stresses the importance of self-control and respect.

Karate is a Fun, Fulfilling Workout for Adults…

Karate is an exercise with a bonus! You learn to defend yourself while getting in great shape. Our workouts can help you relieve stress. The emphasis on mind – body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard health club type exercise programs. We make the classes fun and exciting. We believe that when people are having fun, they learn much faster and we want every participant to go as far as possible on their journey towards martial arts excellence.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are popular meditative movements for anyone, including people with health or mobility issues…

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art characterized by slow, graceful, meditative movements and is renowned for its health benefits (improving strength, balance, agility, and overall well-being). we teach Tai Chi classes for health and advanced classes in weaponry and martial applications. Whether you want to practice solo forms and Chi Kung (moving, mediative exercises) or engage in two-person Push Hands and Martial Applications our school can meet your needs. Join the millions of happy, healthy people around the globe who have made Tai Chi and Chi Kung an integral  part of their wellness routine.


“Mr. Lavigne is one of the rare individuals that anyone could feel comfortable around. He’s humble and kind in conversation and teaching, but powerful and dominant on the dojo floor. He’s a man I’m proud to say I’ve trained with and learned from as a member of the ZDK and an attendant of SMAF. I would encourage anybody to take the opportunity to learn from him.”

Gennedy J., (Tai Chi/Qi Gong Student)

“As a karate instructor to me for the past six years, Mr. Roland Lavigne has proven to be a remarkable, responsible and patient Martial Arts instructor. I am amazed at the variety of techniques that he can teach. Mr. Lavigne is always very patient with me and my classmates and will help in an instant if asked. Not once have I seen Mr. Lavigne raise his voice or lose control of his class.”

John T., Red Dragon Karate Student

“Roland Lavigne was contracted to offer Tai Chi classes to the residents at our senior apartment facility through a grant from the Arthritis Foundation. His class was so successful… he has been teaching here for more than two years. His gentle, kind personality and professionalism have earned him a very loyal following. Roland’s classes, according to the residents, have had a positive impact on their lives.”

Joelle B., Service Coordinator

“Roland Lavigne was a guest instructor in our Summer Program… His organization and attention to age appropriate activities were evident and well executed. His instruction also included life-skills for protection from predators. He was patient, kind and extremely adaptable with each age level and they all enjoyed their time with him, and learned so much. Mr. Lavigne brings his skills and talents generously to the children.”

Ann S. & Lana Z., Camp Directors

“Sifu Roland is a natural teacher, and shares his enthusiasm for the martial arts in a variety of ways. His advanced students are very supportive and great teachers, too. I am never bored in class because every class is different. This is a wonderful school to attend and a good deal for what you learn. I highly recommend joining the Red Dragon Karate Family. If I can do it in my upper fifties, you can, too!”

Dana M., Red Dragon Karate School Student

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